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Rhino workouts are designed and catered to your individual needs, no matter what your fitness level, age, injuries or confidence level. Pair that with KGM Nutrition coaching, and we'll teach you how to create a balanced lifestyle, while still eating and drinking the things you love. All team members are fully certified and have trained under Ryan and Kathryn. CLICK JOIN NOW FOR A FREE ASSESSMENT!


Kathryn Morrow, MSc

Author of her upcoming book "B is for Balance", Kathryn has 18 years of teaching and coaching experience in nutrition and competitive sports and has developed her proven weight loss counselling methods and systems based on the science and physiology of sports nutrition and cognitive behavior therapy.

Kathryn started her academic career with the Bachelor of Science program (Chemistry) at Saint Mary's University in Halifax in 2001 before moving on to the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 2008 and then later transferred into the Bachelor of Applied Human Services Administration program at MacEwan University in Edmonton in 2013.

After getting married in 2015, Kathryn began working along side her husband, Ryan Morrow, at his personal training studio Rhino Nutrition & Fitness in Edmonton and began coaching clients, writing weight loss programs, and implementing very successful fitness and nutrition challenges. 

While completing a Master of Science in Nutrition Science and Eating Psychology with a specialty in Weight Loss from Atlantic International University in Honolulu in 2016-2017, Kathryn and Ryan went global with the nutrition side of their business to serve people above and beyond the reach of their local city and community.

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Ryan Morrow, Fitness Trainer

Ryan has been a personal trainer and group class fitness instructor since he became interested in fitness and bodybuilding as a teenager in 1997. After he graduated high school in 1999, he quickly started studying nutrition and kinesiology at NAIT, which lead him to his career in personal training. By 2006, Ryan had developed all of his own methods and began to train way ahead of his colleagues. He as taken standardized HIIT training and regular Gym Programs, to a whole new level - and the results prove it! In 2010, he opened his own group class fitness studio, Rhino Nutrition & Fitness, where he began to offer both fitness and nutrition programs.

Since teaming up with his wife in 2015, Ryan and Kathryn have combined their areas of expertise to develop various nutrition and weight loss programs. Ryan specializes in fitness coaching for men and women from all backgrounds, experience levels and injuries, with a nutrition coaching program customized specifically for men created together by Ryan and Kathryn.

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